Friday, 5 February 2016

Bubble'n' Squeak with a twist

If you mash the cooked kale with the potatoes it breaks into tiny pieces and turns the patties greenish: great for hiding it from the greens- averse!
At this time of year there isn't much in the vegetable garden, but kale, that hardy, leafy green that just happens to be a superfood is in full swing. Yay!
The ratio we used for potato: greens was roughly 3:2, the greens being measured uncooked. When cooked, they wilt down to a much smaller bulk.
Steam it down and add to some mashed potato along with salt, a little plant milk and a dollop of tahini. Mash further until smooth, or, if you like, leave some little pieces of potato for extra texture. Add some mild Madras curry powder; just enough to give the mixture a spicy tang. Form into patties and coat in a fine layer of gram (chickpea) flour. You can either bake or fry them, turning so that both sides are browned. These make a fantastic Winter brunch, served with relish and grilled tomatoes.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Ekadasi muesli- gluten free

Perfect gluten free crunchy cereal, to enjoy with your favourite plant milk!

A very belated happy 2016 to all our readers!
Are you making changes on your daily diet for the new year? Do you want to cut down on wheat? If so, this is a yummy change from wheat and oat based cereals, and you can even have it on Ekadasi as buckwheat does not count as a grain. We recently discovered buckwheat flakes in the Suma catalogue, and we love their versatility! (My husband is currently perfecting a vegiburger based on them.)
As you can see, the muesli is made from buckwheat flakes, sultanas, cashews and pumpkin seeds. We gently toasted the flakes, nuts and seeds in a little coconut oil before adding the dried fruit to make a granola-style crunch; delicious with some home made almond milk!
We are planning to return to posting here more regularly from now on; we missed you all! It's good to be back ��